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17 January 2012 @ 08:56 pm
haha yeah, so, this...

this fanmix thing hereCollapse )
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06 May 2011 @ 01:53 pm
A Brittana from Santana's POV, composed completely of female cover songs.

long as you got me you won't need nobodyCollapse )
Ha, this whole idea had me a little shy for a few days. OH WELL. This little guy needed posting - it's been sitting on my computer neglected for probably a few months now, all ready to go and no reason to be waiting around. Poor little thing.

No .zip at the moment because I'm having trouble getting it to uh, zip.

a vision too removed to mentionCollapse )

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An Edmund fanmix! I was trying to make a Casmund fanmix (which might still be coming soon), but this wanted to make itself instead. The song choices are more about the tone of the song than the lyrics. Just a stress relief mix with a focus on the artwork, so definitely not my best, but hopefully someone will find some enjoyment out of it!

in the hollows of my eyelids


shaking through my skull, through my spine and down through my ribsCollapse )
02 March 2011 @ 01:40 am
hi ther folks

this is the shamelessly self indulgent graphics community/journal for xiongky & eumonigy

it's probably gonna be awesome

i was told to make this introductory post hip
minimal punctuation
no capital letters


we're not making any promises here
but we think it's gonna be pretty awesome

hope you enjoy

(that was hip right?)
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